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Our business referral program is a relationship-driven revenue channel aimed at building a strong relationship based on trust, values, and a growth mindset.

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IT & Consulting

In today’s digital world, companies need to transform their software using evolving technologies to adapt to the fast-changing market and stay competitive. With a solid product development portfolio, we offer a range of world-class SaaS solutions for our clients worldwide, from startups to large enterprises. Our capabilities cover everything, from wireframes and MVPs to mobile app development. We combine software engineering expertise and industry-specific knowledge to build scalable custom digital solutions both for ambitious startups and established enterprise-grade businesses. High-quality and flexible custom software is the key to your digital transformation journey and competitive advantage. 

E-Commerce & Retail

Retailers who have adopted emerging technologies like Omni channel experiences, digital payments, virtual shopping with AR/VR, AI-ML for personalized service delivery, IoT, Voice Services have been successful in attracting shoppers across demographics. Whether you need a bespoke B2B ecommerce software solution or you wish to customize your existing ecommerce platform, our Research & Development team can help you answer your business needs directly and make data-driven decisions. 

Our talented E-Commerce web developers and creative team have wide experience in building any kind of feature-rich E-Commerce and retail solutions. Be it a website, app or platform, our goal is to make the shopping experience easy and intuitive.  


We specialize in software development for manufacturing companies, helping them to achieve better performance and productivity, as well as reduce costs overall. Ease the transformation process with us and command your growth with our digital solutions and make the shift from traditional practices to the digital infrastructure.

Our industrial software services address the demands of both light and heavy manufacturing industries, including aerospace, machine building, textile and transportation. Whether you need to integrate a new software system into your infrastructure or redesign and upgrade outdated solutions, we can give you a hand in projects of any type and difficulty level. 

Transportation & Logistics

Today, customers look for end-to-end visibility and transparency in transportation and logistics more than ever. Digital logistics adoption addresses the changing customer preferences, supply shortages, and rising transportation costs that have kept logistics managers up at night. Even as the pandemic recedes, companies are more likely to continue digital transformation at an accelerated pace. 

We help our customers increase their market value and visibility with seamless integration of the latest technological solutions. Our solutions help you cater to diverse loads requirements optimize routing, market best rates; gather real-time location data, weather forecast & utilization of space, among others. 

Healthcare Service

Healthcare software development is rapidly evolving, and every day it brings innovations to the market, some of which completely change the world. We empower small organizations for even small medical organizations to facilitate their business and customer experience with the latest technology.

Patients are now ‘consumers’ and expect healthcare to be delivered in the comfort of their homes. Relying on our expertise and technology knowledge, we work with companies across the healthcare continuum – Patients, Healthcare Service Providers, Payors, tertiary care organizations, and HealthTech companies. We help businesses adapt their existing systems and processes to meet the growing demand for safer and flexible options of care delivery. By automating routine, resource-intensive tasks, Providers are able to focus on patients and quality of care. 

Government /Semi-Government

Harnessing the power of digital and emerging technologies, we offer end-to-end technology services to empower governance.

Due to evolving expectation of business and citizens, government agencies are implementing digital transformation initiatives across the globe. We deliver custom solutions to streamline the processes and enhance data-driven experiences.

Tech Startup


Using robots’ help for dealing with chores no longer sounds like science fiction. It sounds like the best opportunity to make your business more effective, smart, and data-driven by outsourcing all the routines to robots and assigning creative and unique tasks to your employees. Robotic processes are more than just automatization. They are also about setting the right priorities. While your routine tasks are being handled by robots, your employees will drive your company towards innovative growth. CreativeCodes can guide you along this path. 


Filling the Gap between Education & Skill through Digital Transformation

We help create the perfect tools for electronic education to sweeten the learning experience. Education and learning are essential to the progress, development and flourishing of any organization or institution. Revolutionize the way students learn the skills they need and improve educational effectiveness with our digital solutions, designed to help you keep your focus on the receiver, the student. Our work with our partners speaks for our experience and love for the industry.

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