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WHY CreativeCodes?


Our business referral program is a relationship-driven revenue channel aimed at building a strong relationship based on trust, values, and a growth mindset.

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Go beyond the traditional outsourcing models that fail in delivery, transparency, trust, and communication. Engage with our teams of excellence to embrace a value-added and cost-effective software delivery approach

IT Staff Augmentation

One of the biggest challenges in the tech industry is recruitment. Finding the right talent at the right price, at the right time, can be far too costly and time-consuming. By involving IT staff augmentation services, you can quickly scale your team up and down depending on the project needs.

Our team of experts offers the possibility to augment your existing software project teams with engineering talents from CreativeCodes. We can provide high-qualified experts in software development, DevOps, business analysis, mobile development, quality assurance, UX design, business intelligence, and cloud computing.



Saves time

Working closely with skilled developers in-house means there’s no need to advertise, interview, and onboard full-time staff.

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Maintain oversight and control

Augmented teams make it easier for the client to oversee a project’s progress as feedback is easier to gather. Engineers quickly integrate themselves within the team.

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Dedicated teams

Outsourcing providers assign skilled engineers to each client, meaning they only focus on one project at a time.

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More flexibility in-house

With an augmented approach, companies have more flexibility over the tasks assigned to developers. The client decides who will carry out specific tasks and on which project.

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Dedicated Teams 

CreativeCodes deploys a structured and proven approach, whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding upon a firmly established corporate empire. Together, we’ll first define your human capital needs and then identify the supporting infrastructure we can put in place so your newly recruited employees feel right at home from day one.

CreativeCodes provides our partners with full access to high-qualified pre-formed, self-managed teams that take complete responsibility for every aspect of the development process.



Best Profile Match

You decide – carefully select the best people to match your IT & engineering needs, language requirements and company culture.

Stay in Control

We build bridges, not walls – our engineers work as part of your cross-border organisation while we take care of all supporting services.

You Call the Shots

We follow your preferences – from tools, policies, processes and methodologies all the way up to company culture and style.

Transparent Pricing Model

We actively seek to build trust. This is why we set a transparent pricing model from the very begining.

Not Locked-In

No volume requirements. No exit fees. Start as large or small as you’d like, and scale up or down as you go.

Create Your Affiliate Company

We build your nearshore company – optionally spin-off your dedicated team as a full-owned affiliate company and run your own nearshore service center.

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Offshore Software Development Center

It is challenging to combine different software development teams, working on various projects and complex services, including hardware. When your business is growing, and you need a lot of software development experts for large and complex projects, an offshore development center is an excellent solution.

CreativeCodes can help you handle all these challenges. We have provided dedicated offshore development center services for our partners, reducing their development costs, ensuring delivery guarantees, and building relationships that last.

Planning a long-term partnership with more team engagement?